Sunday, May 9, 2010

Double Whammy

It’s a successful cycle in, unlike last Thursday when fate treated me to yet another flat tyre. Suppose it was about due, must be weeks since I last had one. It is so difficult these days to stay on that narrow strip of tarmac which threads its way through all the pot holes. I’m sure I must be cycling almost an extra mile on every trip just avoiding them. It’s probably also the reason why my back wheel seems to be seriously buckled.

Gordon Brown has announced he will step down by September. No rush then Gordon. Someone’s going to have to crowbar him out of that office aren’t they?

Another double whammy of training for MD again tonight. Half an hour in the garden, then a good hour or more at his training session. He looks knackered afterwards but he’s looking good at the moment. Fingers crossed for the weekend.

Talking of double whammy’s, L joined a second gym and this new one comes with even more torture apparatus and a dungeon mistress to make sure you’re not a shirker. I think she crawled home after her first session there. Not sure if that’s because of the workout or whether that is actually part of the training plan.

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