Monday, May 10, 2010

Seismic Shift

Well, at long last, Gordon’s bags are packed and we are instead celebrating the marriage of Dodgy Dave and Naughty Nick. It’s a ‘seismic shift’ in British politics apparently.

Annoyed by my narrow defeat in the Fantasy League I’ve already started formulating my team for next season but then again, I know what will happen, they’ll up all the prices, I’ll run out of money and end up with only half of the players I want and a team full of Blackpool players...

Oops, cheap crack but you have to laugh, poor old Forest. Although I must say Billy D seems to be taking it well. Maybe that’s because it’s about time for him to move on again. He doesn’t like to let the grass grow too long under his feet.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch it. I was dog training yet again, dodging the rain showers. It’s a shame because Forest’s capitulation to Yeovil the other year, from a winning position, was one of the highlights of that year.

It’s sad that I’ve had far more ‘entertainment’ out of teams like Leeds and Forest in the last few years than I have out of Derby. Suppose this wouldn’t be the case if Derby actually supplied us with some entertainment. You never know, next season we might get a ‘seismic shift’ there as well... but I'm not holding my breath.

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