Saturday, May 8, 2010

He Who Cannot Be Rushed

I suppose it should be expected that after a 6th place last week, that this week was going to go the other way. It didn’t look like that at first, as Doggo put in a storming run on his first course but then picked up faults for dipping his head in the tunnel, then out again, just to check that’s what I really meant him to do, before dipping back into it and completing the obstacle. That’s a refusal mate. As we come off the ring, one of my trainers is waiting for me, to give me a right telling off for rushing him... rushing Doggo? He who cannot be rushed? Hmmm. Later the same trainer praises me over MD, who picks up 15... I got crucified when Doggo got a mere 5!?! But I guess expectations are lower for the little un.

Still not got a clear with MD, although again we were close. It’ll come.

Things go from bad to worse with Doggo. He’s on some far away planet for his second course, it’s certainly not planet Earth and gets himself E’d. I’m certainly not taking the blame for that performance. He’s much better on his last run, so I guess I best take the can this time, as it was me who sent him over the wrong jump and got us E'd.

I think this is what you call a bad day. No clears all day, from either dog. It's a long time since that last happened.

To make matters worse my team plans have again collapsed into rubble. Terminally this time... but being someone who doesn’t give up easily. Well actually someone who doesn’t give up at all. I start work on raising a team for the qualifier after that, and the one after that.

Then just to put the boot in on my day... the Premier League concludes and dishes up the final set of points for our Fantasy League. I had closed a considerable points gap in the last few weeks to go into this week’s final set of games, dead level at the top. The final result is a points difference between first and second place of one point. Yes, one bloody point. I’m sure you can guess who was on the wrong side of that gap.

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