Friday, May 28, 2010

A Double Header Of Sorts

I got home from sleeping on the tiles, where it looked like the dogs have savaged the postman. There are shredded envelopes everywhere. He must have put up quite a fight. Poor chap.

Fear not, it’s just Son’s birthday and he is the worst opener of envelopes I've ever seen. None of this putting your finger under the flap to open it. I think he must punch a hole in the middle and work outwards. If we ever have to reseal and return anything, we’re stuffed. We have in the past experienced ripped bank statements and torn exam results slips. I scan through the wreckage to see if there’s anything that might be legal tender and repairable but I think he got those out first.

L is out, doing core stability stuff again. The boys seem thrilled to see me, at least they seem thrilled to get on the park, even though it is raining.

I heat up last night’s spicy mince for breakfast/lunch. I suppose traditionally I should have had it cold but I’m not a teenager any more.

Tonight we have a double header of sorts. First, late afternoon we head over to Newark for the 15th Newark Beer Festival and it’s our first visit. A bit remiss to be honest.

We even go on the train. Come to think of it, 15 years might also be the amount of time that has elapsed since I last used a train but in this case it’s the most convenient transport available. Apart from the fact the last one back is 9pm! The buses are no better. This is in a age when you can get a late bus almost anywhere from Nottingham, even in the middle of the night unless it’s Newark obviously.

This is a blessing in disguise as it enables to meet up with Son on the night of his 19th Birthday. Good job I was on the soft stuff (mild) last night and I have units to burn (kind of). We weren’t sure if he’d want to meet us but as it happens his mates and he are camped out in one of known haunts... so it appears he does or perhaps he just wants us to finance his birthday drinks.

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