Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bad Apples

A damp, chilly morning. Ideal cycling conditions. Not.

Thankfully the rain seemed to clear up as I go along. It was still cold though and by the time I get to work my knees still haven’t warmed up. All the same I’m sticking with the shorts, I’m not going back to long trousers, it’s supposed to be May after all.

I pull up at one of the roundabouts on Pride Park between a cyclist on a MTB who has his mobile phone glued to his ear. Surely he’s not going to go around the roundabout like that, one handed, still on the phone? Oh yes he is. It’s bad apples like him that give cyclists a bad name. It would serve him well right if a motorist came around that roundabout doing exactly the same thing. It also wouldn’t be a surprise, there’s sure to be one along any minute.

Doggo has developed a limp, I think he’s just trying to get out of training tonight. Little does he know... we’re not going. We have a night off. MD won’t completely escape because he’ll have to put up with a brief refresher course in the garden but he’ll get a park session afterwards to compensate. Mysteriously Doggo’s limp has disappeared long before we reach the park gates.

Before then I also manage to fit in a rare session in the pool. To my surprise I even remember how to swim properly. I was tempted with the pool at the new Djanogly Leisure Centre, which they have built only a mile or so from the one at John Carroll, which seems an odd distribution of facilities but at least it’s handy for us. Unfortunately they don’t do an early laned session on a Wednesday whereas John Carroll does, so I stick to the usual.

There are a couple of big football games tonight both of which go to extra time. Fulham fall at the final hurdle and lose their UEFA Europa League thingy to Athletico Madrid through a very late goal. Whereas Leicester City go out of the play-offs on penalties to Cardiff City. So we keep hold of both of our east midlands derbies for next year.

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