Saturday, May 29, 2010

Phantom Limp

There's a Crufts Team qualifier today. Can Doggo and I make it three years in a row at the NEC. Probably not on this evidence. Doggo, running first, refuses the last jump. I think because there was a dog the other side of it, which is the nature of team, it’s a relay. Still unusual though. So that’s the end of that for now. There may be other qualifiers if we can raise a team.

In fact he doesn’t seem himself all morning. He was not all interested in his second course and it was so us. In that one we should have done well on. Perhaps he’s ready for retirement.

Then when I take him for a walk his phantom limp is back or perhaps it’s a real one. Perhaps that’s why he’s having a bad day. I consider skipping his last run but then later on he seems fine, so I run him and he goes ok. Weird.

MD does ok but all his courses are a bit too advanced for him but he’s decide he's skipping weaves today anyway.

Son’s mates all crashed at our place last night and camped, in his bedroom. We gave Son a tent as a birthday present, as he’s going to the Leeds Festival. It’s now pitched in his bedroom and full of hung-over teenagers.

STOP PRESS: I'm seriously thinking of a career change. People are continually asking me advice on getting fit, improving their times, how to get back from injuries, all sorts of stuff like that. I’ve got friends asking, colleagues at work asking, people at the dog club asking, even L... in fact she’s off to the gym today to try out some of the workout ideas I gave her. So perhaps I could do this for real?

I have already got my name down for a coaching programme that the council a running. Which, yes I know, is hardly going to be dynamic but it’s a starting point.

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