Thursday, May 6, 2010

As Clear As Mud

So we’ve had an election and somebody has won... only they haven’t and somebody has lost... only they haven’t. We have a new prime minister... only we haven’t. It's all as clear as mud. It’s no wonder nobody has any faith in politics any more. Perhaps I was wrong urging people to vote.

Unlike Son, Daughter appears to be taking an interest in the entire political goings-on’s, even though she isn’t yet old enough to vote. Not that it stopped that 14 year old lad who’s in the news today.

Daughter poses some great questions to me by email, which isn’t necessarily what you want when you’re in the pub and on your third pint... or perhaps that’s the best time. I’m out on a bit of a session tonight with some work colleagues. Although I didn't think it was going to happen, it's been on and off all day long, just like an election result.

One of the things Daughter asks is ‘Why were the Lib Dem’s never going to be in power? And if they were never going to be in power what was the point of them trying?

What a good point! Has anyone got Nick Clegg’s email address? I'll ask him. Mind you he’s a bit busy right now sorting out this hung parliament business. Which was what her third question related to.

Say someone won, what's the point of other people being there in parliament? It isn’t their business because they lost.

Blindingly good logic, that I can’t cope with right now. Someone get me another drink, so I can try and explain our form of democracy and ‘first past the post’.

As for question number six, ‘When do we find out who won...?’ That’s anyone’s guess.

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