Saturday, May 1, 2010

Children Please

Final football match of the season today, it’s a fixture with nothing hanging on it and it’s a 1pm kick off. So you wonder why anyone would bother going but it’s a near sell out. Bizarre folk are football fans. There’s even 2,000 from Cardiff, who are safely in the play-offs so don’t need to get anything from the game and have widely publicised the fact that they’ll be putting out a reserve side. So clearly they’re even more bizarre in Cardiff, although I suppose at least they have something to celebrate.

The result, not that is matters, is a 2-0 win for Derby, not that anyone seemed that bothered either way.

Whilst I’m out, two important bits of information arrive via text. Firstly, and most importantly, there’s news that ‘We’ve eaten a bowl of dog food’. Though not too sure what L means by we? Has she had some too, just to make sure that the invalid eats? Apparently they all stood and watched MD eat breakfast. Awwww. Seems he’s on the way to recovery.

Secondly, the team for the one of the Crufts qualifiers has collapsed, as no one seems to want to go. A mix of a bit of apathy and a lot of 'I’m not being in the team if he/she/it is in the team'. Children please. So the team manager has thrown in the towel. We have no team.

For my sins, I ask if I can take over the task of organising it. I’ve sorted out a multitude of football teams over the years. So how hard can this be? I am quickly granted full control of the team. So... now what...

Back home, there's confirmation of MD’s recovery as I get the lawn mower out and attempt to cut the grass, with a dog attached to the wheels. If he’s up to attacking the lawn mower, he must be almost back to normal. As it turns out, he seems to have some success as well. Just as I’m completing the lawn it conks out. Not totally sure it was his fault. It had been making strange noises for years. Probably beyond repair and anyway I can’t be bothered to try and revive it just now.

Instead I try him over a few jumps to see how fine he is. Fine enough to be back in training a.s.a.p. I reckon.

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