Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rattling Along

I spent part of Sunday cleaning number two bike, so now it’s nice and clean. Unfortunately I, somehow, seem to have introduced a rattle to it. The noise drove me insane as I cycled to work. The ride took far far longer than usual as I had to keep stopping, checking the tightness of things, spinning wheels, tipping it upside down to see if anything was inside the frame etc etc. All without success, I simply can’t see what’s causing it. I really must book it in for that service.

My bike might have needed more than just a service if the woman who was behind me at the lights in her VW Polo had had her way. I sensed something was not right as I waited at the lights and then realised that her car was creeping ever closer to my back wheel. I moved forward a touch and then looked at the driver, who was squinting into her rear view mirror applying her eye-liner. Oblivious to the fact that what she should have been applying, her handbrake, hadn't been.

L’s new psycho gym has her in for a nutrition check today, she’s been filling in a diet sheet all week. Saturday night’s beer and curry fest may not make happy reading for her nutritionist, and she skipped lunch today to make the appointment... I'm surprised they let her back out again. Apparently she got her wrists slapped mainly for over toasting it, as in too much toast... and too much tea, but she got away with the alcohol. That is assuming she didn't doctor the figures...

It’s the last of MD’s Monday training sessions tonight, although I intend to switch him somewhere else, that is if I can persuade anyone else to have him. He goes out with a bang... as well as a yap, a bark and a bit of a growl. A good session actually.

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