Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dangling A Carrot

Thoroughly enjoyed the bike ride this morning. Glorious weather. As I hopped out of bed I even looked forward to it. Perhaps I should have taken my best bike and made the most of the sunshine but I didn’t consider that until I had already left on the old one.

I wasn’t the only one on the bike this morning either because L had blown the dust off her wheels and taken the brave move of trying to circumnavigate her way across the city centre to get to her new 'psycho' gym. I enquire with trepidation how she got on. Badly is perhaps the best way of summing it up. Not really her fault though, because there's no discernible help given to cyclists around Nottingham City Centre at all. As there is no obvious route, as ever the only way to deal with these things is to keep trying different routes and methods until you find one that works.

So we’re both on bikes today but I’m still in awe of the two guys who set off from the office next to us this morning on route to John O’Groats, having already come up from Lands End.

On my ride this morning I hit something with my front wheel but I thought I'd gotten away with it, as my tyre stayed up. Unfortunately when I came back to my bike after work the tyre was now flat. So that had to be changed before I could start the ride home.

L tells me she intends to crash in the garden this evening with an ice cold smoothie and a book while her chicken roasts itself. Well, she’ll only be crashing in the garden with an ice cold smoothie and a book if I take the dogs out, if not she’ll be kicking a ball. Which is probably why she asks whether my girlie friends have persuaded me to go out and play? Play? I think she means is dog training on.

Then she mentions dangling a carrot of a glass of chilled white wine... if I stay in, I like her thinking but it’s an AF Monday and we are supposed to be cutting down the alcohol...

In the end, no training anyway and no wine either, being very virtuous, but still excellent company at home, oh and a lot of ball kicking.

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