Sunday, May 30, 2010

The High Life

Another day competing with the dogs. Yesterday Newark, today Bakewell, where we're perhaps slightly upstaged by the car boot sale next door. Oh the high life. Today’s more for MD, the standard yesterday was too high for him, today’s courses are more his level. He runs well but doesn’t deliver a clear round.

I actually need to do more practice with him. Not that L would believe that I could possibly spend any more time dog training. However it is obvious today that I need to do longer sequences of jumps with him, so that he can get up top speed. Unfortunately our garden isn't long enough for this. It would be typical if we have to move, just for the dog. Not that any houses come with much of a garden these days.

Doggo is still not 100%, although he does clock a couple of clear rounds.

After the show is over we try and find a pub to have a drink in but it’s sheer hell in Bakewell on a bank holiday, so we end up back in Wollaton at Middletons, and very nice it is.

L tells me she’s entered the Great Nottinghamshire Bike Ride. Why???? It involves a bike! She hates anything that involves a bike. We're even contemplating doing the Windermere Triathlon as a relay team, so that I can do the bike section for her and she still gets to swim in the lake.

She says it's got a lot going for it apart from the bike...

I have to take a glass of wine to bed to get over that.

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