Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Wild Night

A bit chilly again on the bike this morning. Summer? What summer. Again I regretted not putting long sleeves on.

L is at home today, which upsets the dogs who feel it is their job to keep her entertained in a game of football all day long. They’re so thoughtful.

Her day off also gives her time to trawl the internet for events... which is always dangerous. Sure enough an email arrives that starts with 'Darling', so I know straight away that it's a request for something.

Not content with forcing people to swim a mile around Windermere for the Great North Swim in September, the organisers have now added a longer one, two miles, for people who enjoyed it that much they’d like to go around again. Twice. The two mile route being two laps of the one mile route. You’d have to be badly affected by the polluted water to consider it of course or slightly mad... So we’re doing it, well L is. One mile route on the Saturday, two mile route on the Sunday. She points out there’s also now a shorter 500m swim, should I wish to partake. The only partaking I’ll be doing will be in the bar not the lake.

I'm off out on the pull in Bingham tonight. Well I was but L’s kindly cooked me some tea and ladled plenty of garlic and curry powder in to it to foil any such plans. So it’ll have to several pints with the lads from Uni instead.

The beers aren’t that good actually and I end up drinking Otter Mild, so almost AF. it's nice to catch up with friends and to, err, compare puppy photos but, shhhh, keep it to yourself. Don't tell L what a wild night out it was.

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