Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zoning Out

I'm feeling a bit knackered this morning, three days cycling to work and a game of squash is taking its toll. I’m on the bus, not for a rest but so that I can run part of the way home. I need to restart the long training runs. The Buxton Half Marathon is on the dim and not too distant horizon, just three weeks away.

L says her training for it will be ‘not serious’. Just three or four 10 milers and the bluff her way round... doesn't sound like much of a bluff to me.

I do 9.25 miles, then get the bus home from Long Eaton. It seemed to go ok, once I got over the first two miles that is, which was the usual ‘I really don’t want to do this’ territory. After that, once I forgot what I was doing, zoning out I think they call it, I was fine. I just had to think pleasant thoughts.

Then I sat on the bus and everything solidified. So once home, we head off down the Plough for quite a bit of alcohol to re-lubricate everything.

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