Friday, April 30, 2010

Positive Signs

Thankfully MD seems a bit brighter this morning, even at 6am, which is when I get up. He seems to want to come with me and Doggo. We’re off to a show today. MD was supposed to be competing himself but obviously he's not now. I take him, rather than leave him on his own, L has to go into work.

The trip out does him good. He has a bit of cheese for breakfast and the first of his pills but he refuses chicken and dog food. He’s does though have a run around with a few dogs and is back to pulling on his lead which is a positive sign. Aside from the pills he also has to have some medicine three times a day which I have to squirt down his throat with a syringe. He such a trusting dog that he lets me open his mouth wide and do the deed. The squirt down his throat though caught him by surprise and I’m not so sure it’ll be so easy next time.

Meanwhile, I’m annoyed at myself as Doggo missed his ‘A frame contact’ on his first run. My fault, I was pushing him too hard. There was no need. It was a tough course and there weren’t many clears, so I should have concentrated on getting him round clear. Then again, the time limit was only 40 seconds and we took 43 even with me pushing him. The winner only did it in 38 which is a bit close to the limit. Basically it was a crazy time limit.

He’s clear on his second run but the was course too easy for us to be up with the pace.

By mid-afternoon, MD’s still not got his appetite back. In fact he’s not even eating cheese now but I do find something he will eat, my dog treats, all of them. I end up giving him the whole box, much to Doggo’s very obvious disgust. Then I have to go off round the stalls at the show to buy some more of the same.

We complete Doggo’s third and final run before lunch and at the lunch break he is lying 4th. So rather than go home, we hang on until it completes. We finally finish in 6th place and get to take a rosette home.

Back home, we decide that MD is well enough to be left, so we celebrate without either of the boys, with a night out in town.

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