Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two Wrecked Dogs

You can possibly do too much dog training. All the same when I get a call at lunchtime asking if I fancy some extra training and can I be there in an hour, I’m tempted. Thing is I’m on the park, wearing the hell out of the boys and as I look down upon two wrecked panting dogs, I know it wouldn’t be a good idea and I decline.

The advantage of two wrecked panting dogs is that L and I can slip off and do something naughty... like the gym. We try the new one at the newly opened Djanogly Leisure Centre. The equipment is all new and they seem to have the most modern equipment of any of the council’s gyms. This means excellent treadmills but also means, that although the bikes are the best ones of any council gym, they are still nothing like bikes. Perhaps I’m being too picky and such things don’t exist.

I’m not sure how L has the nerve to criticize my enthusiasm for the Notts 10 when this weekend she enters herself and her sister in this year’s Survival Of The Fittest. I mean, she’s seen the photos and the videos, she knows I nearly drowned and/or died of hypothermia. I feel I ought to join them but I’ve not got over the nightmares yet. I might just record the event for posterity, although L’s sister has banned me from taking photos, videos it is then.

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