Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I get the honour of walking the dogs this morning. Although L will tell you different, she practically cartwheels out of the door on the way to the gym having left her morning trauma in my hands.

We meet three other dogs on our walk and, true, 'the trauma' got a bit excited with each one. So naturally we had words and he probably has a sore neck now with me jerking his gob shut with his lead but he wasn’t too bad.

In the evening its dog training and although it’s only supposed to be MD who’s getting trained, Doggo won’t actually let me take MD and not him. In fact he stands in the doorway blocking our path. So he has to come and I have to give him a few runs just so that he still feels part of it all. I need him on side; it’s the inter-club championships on Saturday.

After which I collect a new toy for the garden, a tyre! So that MD can get the hang of it. For some reason this seems to evoke cries of ‘oh my God’ and the like from the rest of the family and probably the neighbours, just because our garden looks like... well an agility course.

Tonight’s entertainment is... an online student loan application. Apparently Son and L have been working on it from about 6pm, I join them about 10.30pm and Son and I are still struggling through it at gone midnight. Talk about unnecessarily complex. Which may not have mattered had they managed to have a fully functioning website with the capacity to deal with the necessary workload but of course they didn’t.

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