Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I cycle into work today, so L’s back on dog walking duty. After which there’s an admittance from her that the ‘puppy’ might just be starting to calm down. Apparently the only thing he attacked this morning was a white van, and obviously being a white van it probably deserved it. I often feel like attacking white vans myself, particularly when I’m on my bike.

It’s time for L to renew her subscription to her running club and as ever, they ask me if I wish to join. I’m not sure who keeps putting out these rumours that I want to join a running club. Though, as L says, I would get some good race discounts... I might have to consider it. It would be nice if they’d let me use an assumed name, but I presume that’s not encouraged.

Squash. I play well but not well enough, my opponent is on good form tonight. Until the last game that is, when I’m 12-7 up, we play to 15, and the knock comes on the door from the next two players. Gutted. I am inconsolable. Two pints in the pub and I’m still not over it. I have to have a third at home.

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