Monday, April 19, 2010

The Usual

I do the weekly shop at lunchtime as usual. Daughter sends me a list but I have to get L to decode it for me... Son sends L a list, which she asks me to translate for her. It just says ‘the usual’. What could be clearer than that?

I’m in the car because of early dog training tonight with MD, which goes really well. I park the car out of sight this time, so Doggo can’t see what’s going on. He spent the entire session last week barking out unwanted advice to MD. Well at least I think that’s what he was doing.

Afterwards it’s a mad eight dogs off the lead session at the same time in the top field. MD is getting the hang of this now and is very well behaved until we head back to our cars and he makes a beeline for the training ring, where the next class is in progress. I assume he intends to disrupt that but at the last moment he turns in an elegant arc to his right. We stand there watching and admiring his turning skills, well sort of, before he dives into a field of horses instead. Oh s***. Thankfully he quickly decides that’s a bad idea and comes back out, instead choosing to bark at them from a safe distance and from behind a fence, before a few moments later, trotting back to me as if nothing had happened. Of course then I have to praise him for coming back... albeit belatedly.

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