Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baring A Grudge

After our dodgy curry the other week I left some none too favourable feedback on the FillMyBelly website. Today the curry house rang me up to discuss it... thought they were going to send the boys round but no, he was quite apologetic. It was good customer service actually. I wasn’t going to go back there again, ever, because when I bare a grudge it stays bared but now they’ll probably get another chance.

Daughter wants a Polaroid camera. I wonder what she’s up to. Polaroid cameras only exist for two reasons. Firstly because they looked kind of cool once, about 1970 I believe, but that was only until you realised how hideously expensive the film was and secondly... well, that other reason, although digital photography has just about done away with the point of that.

I’m eating out tonight. Well that is if you class pizza as eating out. Actually tonight Pizza Hut excels itself. Food wise, it’s pretty good. Service wise, as bad as ever and they always seem to expect a tip no matter what. It’s so much hassle getting the bill that we have to leave them the change for fear of not making the pub before closing if they took too long getting our change together.

Credit to unfancied Fulham tonight who make the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup. Sorry I mean Europa Cup or is it Europa League, who knows. I don’t usually follow the European stuff but their run has interested me, particularly now all our teams are out of the Champions League. Having beaten defending champions Shakhtar Donetsk and the mighty Juventus in the previous rounds last night they dispensed with German champions Wolfsburg. Next up Hamburg and then perhaps Liverpool in the final?

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