Thursday, April 29, 2010

You Can’t Trust The Weather

I bike in this morning in glorious weather, I even contemplate getting my new bike out but you can’t trust the weather and the forecast isn’t good. Sure enough, it’s a wet ride home.

We’re all very worried about MD, he was sick yesterday, in his bed. Not nice. He’s clearly not well. This morning he just sauntered along on his walk and didn’t snap or bark at anything. He didn't even try to remove his head collar and he refused food, which certainly isn’t like him. Instead he just went and lay down in the garden. L tried to tempt him with some fresh chicken but he refused that as well. So she books him into the vet.

Seems he's got some stomach/intestine/bowel infection. The vet has given him an injection, along with a course of pills and some medicine we have to get him to take.

In the evening, we’re not keen to leave him but I wonder if the short walk up to the local pub would do him good but he’s not even up to that. He’s walking that slowly that I return home and take him in the car. I think he likes it at the pub though; he gets loads of sympathy but no pork scratchings tonight. We have a quick drink before returning home with the invalid and a 'take out' tub, for a quiet night in.

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