Monday, April 26, 2010


Today is my birthday and my beloved bestows up on me the perfect gifts, I think. An entry for the Robin Hood Half Marathon...

and the 75 mile Great Nottinghamshire Bike Ride.

My girl understands me.

Less good is that Robin Hood Half Marathon is my first entry as an affiliated runner. She has also now enrolled me as a member of her running club. Serious stuff. I have resisted for so long but the race discounts are good and my dream of being persuaded by offers from all the top running clubs in the UK just hasn’t materialised.

On our birthdays, we always get a card at work, signed by everybody but I’ve noticed recently that the person who takes the card round doesn’t try too hard to make sure everyone signs it. My card was obviously sent round on a Friday, hardly anybody works Friday’s at our place, or perhaps it’s just because I’m unpopular. Either way, I’ve had to go around again with my own card!

Another ritual used to be buying cream cakes for all but thankfully hardly anybody, bothers with that any more. Not that I’m tight, I just don’t do cream cakes. I’ve had celebratory porridge and mango juice instead.

Not much time to celebrate at night as naturally I have a dog class. Where everybody seems to know it’s my birthday. Thanks to Facebook I guess but at least I get birthday cake. Twice. Once at dog class and then again at home, thanks to Daughter.

Back home I have a commemorative glass of wine or two, even though it is a ‘school’ night, with the still ill L. In fact she must be very ill because she’s even admitted it.

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