Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mind Numbing

On the bike again today, three days out of four, good or what?

On Easter Monday, at the 10k they claimed to have not received my entry by post, so I had to enter again on the day. My bank statement, that I’ve just received, says otherwise. To be fair, I texted the chap and he sorted it out quickly. The next day we had a cheque through the door. A little disappointed with that actually, would have settled for free entry to either of the Notts 5 or even the Notts 10 races.

L is appalled I’d even consider doing the Notts 10. She asks whether I know that it’s 10 miles not 10 Km and consists of what she describes as a mind numbing number of loops of Holme Pierrepont Water Sports Centre. Apparently she still has nightmares about it... and the evil plague of midges that attacked her but even they were outdone by the geese that nipped her ankles and all she has to show for all this hardship is the race mug. I do agree that the organisers, Notts AC, do seem to have an odd affection for handing out mugs. Perhaps there’s an ‘in’ joke there somewhere.

That apart, it sounds just my sort of race. Sold. I like mind numbing, it saves me having to think whilst I’m running. What’s more if I do it, she’s unlikely to let me do it without her.

Talking of Notts AC, the guy who put the cheque through our door, also included a brochure for the club and an application form. Is he trying to get me to join? Or do they do that for everybody. Oddly flattered if he is but I’m not tempted.

There’s nothing good about my bike ride home because there is no bike ride home. When I get to my trusty steed after work, the rear tyre is flat. Odd. It was fine when I arrived this morning. I try to pump it back up in case it's a slow puncture but no, there's nothing slow about this one. So I prepare to change the tyre but then realise that I've left my tyre levers on my other bike. Damn. I consider using spoons from the cutlery drawer at work, apparently this works... but we have the bendiest spoons in the world, so perhaps not a good idea. I'd just end up writing off most of them. So I get changed back into my work clothes and head off to get the bus.

L has gone off to the gym and I had arranged to meet her afterwards in the Plough at 7:00. This was supposed to give me plenty of time to cycle home and then do a quick 10 minutes or so of tyre and other training stuff with the Paranoid Pup before heading off to meet her. Now I'm going to be a bit pushed for time.

I still manage to do a bit with MD. I think we may be getting the hang of this tyre thing. Maybe. I’m 15 minutes late meeting L, which isn’t bad actually. The pub is disappointing though. All low alcohol stuff. Nothing over 4.2%.

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