Saturday, April 3, 2010

Strongbow Or Special Brew?

I’m back in Scunthorpe for another day at the agility show. As I set MD up on the line for his first course I notice that his trainer from Monday nights has turned up and is watching from the side. Great. Just when we don’t need any extra pressure. All the same, he did really well. I’m pleased with him. In fact he does much better with everything today and has only one pole down over his first two courses. We still have a few weave problems but no one asks us to leave any rings today. In one course he only picks up five faults which is real progress. His best yet.

On Friday, I thought perhaps Doggo’s elimination could have been because it was late in the day and he was tired. Today he trashes that theory by picking up faults in his very first course, early in the morning. Again it was the course I particularly fancied him to do well in. I’ll be having words with him again. He’s clear the rest of the day though.

MD’s last course has the tyre as its first obstacle, so we might as well go home now. Not the most glorious of ways to finish.

On the way home, I try to get beer to oil my shattered nerves but all the off licences that haven’t been put out of business are shut due to it being Easter Sunday, as are all the supermarkets. There are a few bargain booze shops open... but I didn’t really want Strongbow or Special Brew.

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