Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grumpy and Grumpier

I take the bus to work as I need to rescue my bike, that is, after I’ve changed the inner tube.

I make it home, without any further flats, where L is awaiting my arrival so that I can comfort the distraught MD whilst she takes Doggo out for a run. The things she’ll do to escape ‘Glee’. Doggo isn’t training tonight but MD is, although Doggo will insist on coming, just in case.

Whilst they’re out I embark on some serious last minute homework cramming and blow the dust off MD’s training cage before getting him reunited with it. Then we do some tyre work and other stuff, all before Doggo gets back to disrupt it. After which MD looks well knackered and that’s before he even gets to class.

He’s really good at class and really well behaved. I don’t think he has the energy not to be or maybe he’s remembered the rules here. That if he isn’t well behaved he’ll end up caged. I wondered if he’d forgotten about that, it’s been so long since we last used the damn thing.

In fact both dogs seem to be beyond knackered and as usual when L and I wish to curl up together for the night, we find that two creatures have beaten us to it. They're already there on the bed, cosily curled up together. Grumpy and Grumpier, which is what they transform into when I kick them off.

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