Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It’s Only April

Bike again and yes it’s still windy.

As cycling seemed to work last week as regards a prelude to playing squash I thought I’d do the same again this week. Then when I go 2-0 down I start to seriously doubt my strategy but it gets better and I win the next two games to level at 2-2. He looks seriously worried. I’m trailing in the decider but not by much when our time is up and we get thrown off the court. We’ll call that one a draw then shall we. I have now won as many games so far this year as I did in the whole of last year and it’s only April.

He claims the heat got to him. Oddly it is hot on court, even before we started. Why do they overheat leisure centres, when most of the activities are surely going to require people to want to be cooled down?

Afterwards, there are quite a few people in the pub so obviously not everyone has stayed in to watch the great Election debate on TV. Is anybody bothered? One of the market research companies I do a few surveys for obviously are. They email me and ask if I’ve watched the debate and if I have, can I give them some feedback asap so that it can be in the papers tomorrow. So I cheat and watch the very edited highlights on the internet, then fill in their survey.

The company claim to have got the data to The Times within an hour of the debate closing and a report appeared on TimesOnLine ten minutes later.

My approach wasn’t very scientific and just proves that you shouldn’t read too much into these polls or anything in the media for that matter.

Earlier in the week, L saw this on the BBC website, claiming that dogs are now banned completely from more than 70 parks and open spaces in Nottinghamshire.

Appalled, I emailed Newark and Sherwood District Council to find out what was going on, only to get a reply saying that they have not banned dogs from any parks, only from a number of children's play areas, which isn't unreasonable. So the media got things completely wrong yet again and so far I haven’t seen a correction on the BBC’s website.

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