Friday, April 9, 2010

Life In The Old Dog Yet

I'm up early for the longish drive up to Preston this morning. During which, it takes less than twenty minutes to dispose of the remains of ‘Brave New World’. Glad that’s over with. L’s started it now, hope she has more luck with it than me.

Then I start the epic (as in long) ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ as recommended by L. I have to, purely to find out what’s going on in L’s fantasies right now! She has taken quite a fancy for the fictional lead character, Mikhail Blomqvist, despite the fact that according to her, and she says it with disapproval in her voice, he shags everyone he meets. Her affair with the equally fictional Inspector Sejer is over now apparently.

Thankfully the new book is more gripping than ‘Brave New World’, but it could hardly have been anything else.

Once in Preston, our campaign to help the club retain the Interclub Trophy for the third time running is over before 9am. Doggo has not one but two poles down. I cannot recall him having two poles down on the same course, ever. It doesn’t usually happen in the same month. Someone jokes that MD will have to go clear instead. Not funny and no hope. In fact it's a very bad run from him. Tough course though, the later courses should be easier for him. Both dogs get to run the same courses today.

Doggo, typically, goes clear throughout the rest of the day, now it barely matters. Then he lands us a rosette for 4th in one of his events, so I can no longer be mad at him. There’s life in the old dog yet.

MD, of course, doesn’t go clear throughout the rest of the day, not that I expected him to but he did only get 10 faults on the Helter Skelter and that was almost only 5 until he demolished the last jump with style and that was partly my fault. His weaves were very good today.

As regards the Interclub Trophy, the whole team are having a collective bad day and we end up eighth.

Back home, after despatching Daughter to a party, we head off into town. We frequent the Roundhouse as we feel we ought to support it in its infancy. It’s packed. So we can take that one off the life support list.

So it’s the Kean’s Head next, which is ok, the Screech Owl is good. Then off to finish off in the Ropewalk. Son is in town frequenting such places as the Rescue Rooms and Rock City, the boy has taste obviously. In fact all the places he seems to go are decent places. Just don’t tell him we approve. Good to see he’s not supporting the binge bars.

L often invites him to join us for a drink but he never accepts. Tonight, to my amazement, he does and brings a few friends along as well. They all think it’s odd to be drinking out with someone’s parents, as their parents wouldn’t do the same. So perhaps we are odd.

Still, it all made for an enlightening evening but I shall blame them for my hangover tomorrow and that extra pint I wasn’t going to have.

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