Monday, April 12, 2010

Venturing An Opinion

L reports that the little angel, that’s another ironic nickname for MD, was totally fired up with his engine revving for his walk this morning. Whether this has anything to do with L’s day long craving for chocolate biscuits, I’m not sure.

I am sent to Sainbury’s for trottole... apparently it’s curlier than fusili... so I think we’re talking pasta.

Guess what's for tea tonight then? Except for L who’s going straight for the chocolate. She can keep her hands off ‘my’ egg. I’ve been saving the last chunk, as only a man can, since Easter weekend. Ok, so perhaps it wasn’t originally my egg, L just hands over anything made of chocolate to me for safe keeping, except perhaps tonight.

There’s a heavy rain storm as I drive home, yep it’s outdoor training tonight. Thankfully it fines up and stays dry. MD is good; in fact he’s actually getting better all the time. Doggo just comes along to watch and I make the mistake of parking the car somewhere where he can actually watch. Of course he doesn’t just watch but also has to venture his well informed opinion on the proceedings e.g. he barks repeatedly. I shall park the car somewhere else next week.

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