Sunday, April 25, 2010

Literary Overload

Exercise options are limited this week so it has to be the bike today and the legs are surprisingly ok with it. L has got some lurgy but she still runs into work.

I’ve got another book to listen to now. L spotted a John Grisham audiobook in the library so she picked it up for me. Now there’s a dilemma. It might have to leap to the top of my every growing reading list. Talk about literary overload. Although it’s in ‘old school’ format and it’s going to be a pain going back to dealing with discs after downloading my last few books off the internet.

Talking of old school storage media. Do you remember the 3.5 inch floppy disk?

Now funnily enough I was looking for a very old, obscure bit of software the other day and I couldn’t find it anywhere on the internet. It probably pre-dates the internet... then I remembered I had it on floppy disk somewhere. I tracked down the disk and loaded it up. Sorted. Am I the only person still using them? Probably! I’ve kept the disk just in case and it’s too much hassle to burn it to CD.

Training with MD goes well. Both the extra session I give him in the garden before proper training and the training itself. Now he’s creased. Doggo got a walk down the old railway track, so he’s happy too.

L’s lurgy means she’s now confined herself to bed with a hot toddy. Any old excuse... but I’d hate to see her drink alone.

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