Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Turning Tricks

I’m in the car again today, so L takes advantage of me... and asks if I’ll walk Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Not sure which is which but I gladly oblige, as she skips off for a swim. It’s funny how L manages to spring out of bed so much quicker when she hasn't got the dogs to walk.

I never thought I’d get to take L to see one of her favourite and weirdest bands live, that band being Sigur Rós and it’s not something I’ve lost much sleep about, learning all those Icelandic lyrics would be hell. Well she still might not get to see the band themselves but Jónsi Birgisson, their lead singer, seems to have perhaps called my bluff on this one by announcing some solo dates. L is naturally over the moon.

I can’t say I’ve ever really listened to the chap and perhaps I best wait until after we’ve got the tickets before doing so... but L well have none of that and says she'll make sure he's on when you I home from training tonight.

Another good session with MD, although I think the trainer is trying to undo my good work as regards trying to get him looking sleeker and fitter. My dog treats are rubbish apparently, unmotivating, and she replaces them with cheese. Well obviously cheese is going to be more motivating! It’s just our fridge has an odd relationship with cheese... you put some in there and pretty much before you can get the knife out the drawer to slice it, it’s disappeared.

L reckons she'll be joining us if there's cheese on offer at class. She’d have to turn tricks for it though but that doesn’t seem to put her off. In which case I’ll be chopping up chunks before bedtime tonight. If there’s any left.

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