Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Something Horrible Planned

Today is World Car Free Day. Has anyone noticed any difference? Nope. Me neither. I’ve not noticed that Nottingham is not a car dependant city either. At least today I’m on the bus. I have something horrible planned for this evening.

I settle into my new office this morning, a temporary one. They are making my old one bigger to get a new employee in. That’ll make four of us in there. I’m not terribly happy about that. ‘Back in the day’ I had my own office until we moved to new premises three years ago since when I’ve had to share. I’d only just got used to sharing with one other person when they moved another chap in. Now there’s going to be four of us. Whatever next, they’ll expect us to start talking to each other.

Did you see that dress of Lady Gaga's?

The one made of meat, that the media were going ‘gaga’ (excuse the pun) over, wondering if it was a feminist gesture, an artistic statement or maybe a comment on the fashion world? Well no, none of these, it's just like most things in the music industry these days, another rip off cover version. I knew I’d seen that done before... The Undertones post-split compilation album ‘All Wrapped Up’ in 1983.

Thanks to indie-mp3.co.uk for jogging my memory.

I embark on the 'something horrible', a mammoth 12.5 mile run towards home. Well it feels mammoth tonight and surely must have been further than 12.5 miles as it took me almost two hours. Even if I did have a few stops. However the GPS says nope it was 12.5 miles, so I check it on a map, which says nope 12.5 miles as well. In which case it must have been the lack of a good book to listen to that made it seem so long. I’d finished the ‘Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest’ last weekend on the way up to Durham.

It’s time to start a new John Grisham I think.

(Wednesday 22nd September)

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