Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Service And MOT

I pick today to come in the car and what do they do, close the A52, naturally. Typical.

After work I take Doggo to be serviced and MOTed, that’s him done for another year. He’s lost 1.5 kg, I’ve been slimming him a bit, and successfully it would appear. The vet says he’s about the perfect weight now, so I expect a few more rosettes. Someone in the waiting room asks if Doggo has any Alsatian in him. I hope he didn’t hear that, perish the thought, he hates Alsatians. The only way they’d be any Alsatian in him is if he’s eaten one.

Later I’m out with a mate of mine and we do our usual pizza thing at Pizza Hut. Well we try to but they’ve removed the ‘any 5 toppings’ option off the menu. Although they now allow you to swap any or even all of the topping on any pizza which amount to almost the same thing. Though they now no longer give you a list of available toppings, so you have to guess. We work out that if we want five toppings we could remove all the topping off a Meat Feast, which only has four toppings, and then pay extra for the fifth or remove all seven off the Supreme, replace only five of them and not bother with the others and still pay the original price. Bizarre. Whoever wrote their latest menu has clearly never eaten at Pizza Hut.

Exhausted by all this menu tampering we move on to Langtry’s where a chap jumps up from his chair near the window telling us there’s more room for the two of us where he was, as he takes a smaller table for himself. That was very nice of him. We do like a seat with a view, particularly in Freshers’ Week, we tell him. ‘Oi’, he reprimands us, flashing his Uni badge and a knowing smile, ‘they’re my students’. University lecturers in the bar on a school night, I don’t know. He obviously needs a stiff drink to recover from all those short skirts and skimpy tops. Good job it’s not cold.

Well I don’t think it’s cold but L texts to say she’s in bed with the boys and a hot water bottle. A hot water bottle! It’s summer! She tells me it most definitely isn’t. She says its boots and woolly tights weather. No complaints there, I like that sort of weather. If that’s what’s she’s wearing now I’m on my way home. Oh she’s not. I best finish my pint then before I rush off home.

(Wednesday 29th September)

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