Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just Say No

Somehow L manages to get her tired legs to work in the pool this morning, swimming forty lengths or ‘just’ forty lengths as she calls it. I’m not sure I could have managed four lengths this morning never mine forty.

Work seems kind of impressed with my half marathon exploits; though mainly they just think I’m mad.

L asks about Birmingham... I had mentioned following it up and sort of encoring with, probably the only big race left this year... the Birmingham Half Marathon. I ask if she’s entering. ‘Only if you are’ She says. This is how these things always start. Now if one of us could just say no.

Daughter is very chirpy this morning, probably, no actually, almost certainly, something to do with her mobile phone upgrade. I’m hoping to pick it up for her at lunch time. Not sure I dare come home if I don’t manage to get it.

Apparently from October 4th the details of driving test routes will no longer be published online by the Driving Standards Agency. How long has this been happening? And why wasn’t I told? No such assistance was given when I took my test, some time back in the middle ages. Is there nothing left that they haven’t made easier since ‘my day’? I reckon the day after I hang up my running shoes they’ll be shortening half marathons by a few miles just so that more people can get the t-shirt.

I get Daughter's new phone and put it on charge as I head off to dog training. So Daughter’s happy or will be... only ten hours on charge before she can use it.

(Monday 13th September)

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