Monday, September 13, 2010

How Much For A Cheap Seat?

Nottingham is the least car dependent city in the UK. Apparently. Ahemmm. I fell off my chair when I read that. I dread to think what the other cities they surveyed are like. Admittedly there's a decent bus service in Nottingham but the place is still gridlocked with cars. The 4x4’s on the school run are plentiful and deadly. Cycling is a total nightmare. Come to think of it walking isn’t much easier. We also have a council who keep insisting on building new car parks smack bang in the city centre. So considering all that, it's quite an achievement.

L uses unacceptable language twice in the same sentence. First she mentions the X word, Xxxxxmas, then goes on to mention that her ‘wish list’ for that December event contains Kylie tickets... OMG. How much for a cheap seat? sixty-bloody-five quid and a choice of only London, Manchester or Glasgow... She not coming to the Bodega then?

I take the plunge and sign L up for this Birmingham jog thing. As a nice reward for Sunday’s performance. Keep up the good form and she’ll be getting the Helsinki Half Marathon gift wrapped for her next birthday. Now then, which particular start pen shall I put her in? Perhaps I’ll put her in the red zone with me....

Job done. She's in, correction, we're in.

Dog training is cancelled. Nothing to do with the appalling weather, the trainer has hurt her foot. The lightweight. She only has to shout and point to tell us what to do, and perhaps hop around a bit. The boys are thrilled to get on the park instead.

Derby sold Rob Hulse because he was too old at 31 and because the club are planning for the future with a lean mean young side, so now we’ve signed 33 year old Shefki Kuqi! That’ll improve things. Tonight’s result, a 2-0 defeat at Hull.

(Tuesday 14th September)

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