Monday, September 6, 2010


We’re received an update on the Great North Swim, in that’s it’s been totally cancelled. There’s no new date. So L’s looking at either a refund or free entry into next year’s event, should it go ahead.

Apparently the organisers sought assurances that the water quality would be acceptable for them to stage the event and didn’t get it. In this not-so-brave new world of Health and Safety that is an assurance they were never going to get, even if they’d drained the lake and turned it into a run instead. So if they’re going to ask daft questions like that again next year, they’ll get the same result.

At least L seems pleased with her training for it. Training which has also done Son good!

Dog training again tonight, outdoor. No rain, surprisingly.

I don’t have to call for my usual Singapore noodles on the way home as L is going to replicate my post-training delicacy at home. They’re excellent, better than the take-away version. Well, apart from the carrots. L always says you can't have a Chinese without carrots. I have absolutely nothing against carrots, love them in fact, but I’m sure the Chinese’s that I buy never have carrots in them. Though I know hers will and probably celery, sweet corn and peas.

(Tuesday 7th September)

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