Sunday, September 19, 2010


We stay an extra night at Witton Castle, then head home, back to normality.

L runs and MD goes training, where he gets chance to boast to the rest of the class about his weekend exploits.

He’s quite a handful at class. Well he usually is but it’s not just his vocals tonight. He’s just as quick at training as he has been all weekend. After which I feel as if I’m the one who’s been out running.

Back home, Son has been gearing up for University... well the ‘going away’ parties are in full swing anyway. I hope he hasn’t got too many more planned because there isn’t much space left in his room for any more road signs after this weekend’s bout of drunken collecting of souvenir street furniture. Quite how many of them it took to carry one particularly heavy memento I’m not sure. Quite what we’re going to do with it now I’m not sure. I may consider taking it back under cover of darkness one night, at least then we’ll have room for the next selection.

At least if his stint at Uni doesn’t go well, he knows he can now follow the lead of that Irish student who is suing his university for not giving him the grade he wanted. Of course that student could have just tried the more traditional route of attending some lectures and doing a bit of study between all the partying. Just a thought.

(Monday 20th September)

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