Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rest And Recuperation

L signals her intention to go to the gym tonight, if she can remember what to do. I know what she means; I’ve cycled so infrequently in the last few months that my legs struggle to recall the correct technique to power the thing forwards.

I receive an email that points me towards this cycle route planner.

It’s a nice idea but... I keep getting an error, ‘To plan a cycle journey on Transport Direct the origin, destination and via points must either be in the same area or in adjoining areas with a direct connection between them.’

I only asked for Nottingham to Derby, how more adjoining can you get?

The best cure for aching legs is probably not a game of squash this evening but having already agreed to it, it’s best to get the necessary rest and recuperation in during the day. A lunchtime trip to the pub does the trick. Chicken, leek and Stilton pie, which is very heavy on the Stilton washed down with a pint or maybe two. Ok, it was two.

It must have set me up nicely for the game. A very narrow 3-1 defeat, it should have been and very nearly was 2-2.

(Thursday 16th September)

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