Friday, November 12, 2010

What Normal People Do On A Saturday

A strange day today. A lie in, a park session and then the rest of the day in. Perhaps this is what normal people do on a Saturday. I do a few jobs that have been on the 'to do' list for the last decade or so but only a few before I turn the computer on. Fatal mistake. Well some of the many jobs I need to do involved the computer, buying stuff you know.

Then I spend so much money on-line that it would have been far cheaper to go out. In fact it would have been far cheaper to have gone away for the weekend. Abroad.

Well I did need a new camera, desperately; those gig photos really weren’t up to scratch. We’re also been without a TV for some time. So Daughter will be ecstatic at that purchase. L too will be elated that I’ve got her a new cosy camping mat... perhaps, so that she can sleep in a tent next month when we go up to Langdale for the 10k, rather than having to spend the night in some posh hotel. I even got some new torches to illuminate the way.

Derby lose. Told you it was an strange day. I've kind of got used to them winning very week.

Spending the day in, also turns out to involve spending the evening in when L turns down my offer of a romantic Mexican cannibal film at Broadway. It's a shame but sensible and she placates me with an early night instead. Which is all good before tomorrow’s Barnsley 10k, that I’m trying to take seriously. Hence we're alcohol free tonight as well.

Instead we indulge with a heavily cheese-laden Lasagne for tea, for the carbs naturally. We’ll need to run fast to work all that off.

(Saturday 13th November)

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