Monday, November 1, 2010

A Meteorological Conundrum

How come every time you cycle it chucks it down?’ says L. Well it doesn’t. Not absolutely every time. It just seems that way. Come to think of it, it probably is most of the time.

The ride in this morning was actually dry, though still pretty miserable. So miserable in fact that I’m not quite sure what all this fuss is about altering the clocks or not altering the clocks or doubly altering the clocks... because it doesn’t seem to have got light here yet and it's nearly 3pm.

When L posed that meteorological conundrum concerning my cycling habits, it was actually fine in Derby but I imagine there’s a monsoon somewhere heading this way with my name on it.

It does start raining by 5pm, of course, and I consider skipping my swim if it turns out as bad as L predicts but it’s not too bad in the end. So I go to the pool as planned.

The swim is exhausting. One woman flails her way painfully slowly up one of the 'quick' lanes but won’t let anyone pass and so becomes a human slalom to a fast bloke and I, who predictably end up racing each other. When he moves lanes after we've had a few near misses with our overtaking, I end up racing a fast girlie instead and losing badly. I put her unnatural speed down to the particularly well streamlined low drag co-efficient swimsuit she was almost not wearing.

(Tuesday 2nd November)

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