Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pub Quiz Team

Daughter asked this question the other day. What factories are in Nottingham?

I’m not sure why she asked but it’s a very good question. Is anything made in the UK these days? Apart from bizarrely a few Japanese cars.

We have a lot of big companies in Nottingham but I’m pretty sure they're all just head offices of people like Capital One, Experian or Eon who don't actually make anything, apart from money.

We have Boots but not sure they actually make anything here. We also have John Player... but not sure they actually make anything here either. I'm pretty sure Siemens do though, and Bell Fruit and National Auto parts. Games Workshop are here, they may have a factory or it may all be made in China. Then there's Speedo but again not sure if it's not all made abroad.

A gold star goes to L who chips in with Kodak. We think they’re still open. There was a doubt about its future when they axed 35mm film production but having done a quick Google, it does still seem to be there. L also mentions Pork Farms. They have a factory. We should form a pub quiz team. We're on roll. A sausage roll even.

Dog training is a bit of a wash out. Someone gets thrown from a horse in the car park of the equestrian centre where we train and this understandably disrupts things a touch. The rider landed on her back and didn’t look good, yet the chap who was with her (her father?) sits her up. That’s not a good idea, even I know that. The girl looks close to passing out and he eventually agrees to someone calling an ambulance.

MD ends up starting his training half an hour late and then only gets a short session but Doggo doesn’t get to train at all, for an unrelated reason. There hasn’t been another class using the other side of the arena and I wasn’t going to set up all the equipment on my own. So we end up heading home early.

I did notice that after a long time in the ambulance the horse rider did finally emerge and seemed to be ok. Just shaken it would appear. So all good there.

(Wednesday 17th November)

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