Monday, November 22, 2010

Frustrated Swimmer

A pleasant ride in, apart from when a car tries to jump the lights in Sandiacre and almost drives straight through me but then just sees me at the last minute. So I live to fight another day.

The route for the 2011 Kilomathon has now been announced and as expected it’s centred on Derby and is no longer a Nottingham to Derby run which was the attraction for us. So we did right in avoiding it and its naughty £45 price tag, opting for the more prestigious Reading Half Marathon instead.

The route though is quite interesting. Starting by Darley Park before looping out of Derby via Findern, Stenson, Barrow and Sinfin before finishing at the Moorways in Allenton.

The organiser is from Derby and I wonder if had half an eye on nostalgia when he set the route, as it seems to encompass part of the old Derby Ramathon route, which I believe started and finished at Moorways back in the 1980’s. If it’s similar next year, I might give it a go.

I cycle to John Carroll pool which is shut do to the ‘water quality’, whatever that means... it’s never exactly been clean. They say it might open at 7.00 or it might not. Which is nice and indecisive. No matter, I’ll just pedal up to the new pool at Djanogly... or rather I won’t, its Ladies only until 6.45 then shut. How sexist. Men not allowed a post work swim then? I suppose in desperation there’s always Beechdale... or not. Closed at 5pm, just as people were leaving work. How convenient.

I head home before heading back out later for a pizza and a few jars with a friend. The route to the car park is blocked by a massive lorry, must be Interpol arriving for tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

After the pizza we pop into Langtry’s where they have Hobgoblin on, which is just the pick me up for a frustrated swimmer. Not that I would ever normally regard myself as a swimmer until I’m unable to swim that is.

(Tuesday 23rd November)

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