Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Firework Shopping

I head out firework shopping over lunch, something I’ve not done for a while. The party we are going to on Friday is a ‘bring a firework and make it a big one’ party. Someone tells me of a bloke with a funny beard who said he’s got a ton of fertilizer going cheap... but I declined.

Mind you the box of explosives I did manage to source, from some wide boy in Alvaston, is as big as a suitcase and just about fills the boot of the car. So I trust it will suit requirements. I email our host, just to check how big his garden is and whether it is feasible to retreat as far as the instructions say.

Last time we did this sort of thing we had a bit of a ‘minor’ mishap with a large firework that tipped over, it decoratively illuminated the garden with a nice shower of coloured sparks parallel to the ground, making it very easy for everyone to see where they were running to. That is those who hadn’t climbed the fence into next door's garden or found a big tree to hide behind. The damn thing also tried to set fire to someone’s children but luckily their coats proved to be semi-flame retardant.

So as entertaining as it was, eventually, we’re not hoping for a repeat.

Both dogs get some training tonight and MD gets to boss a baby collie around, which he seems to enjoy.

(Wednesday 3rd November)

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