Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fashion Conscious Email

Its mega windy this morning so it seems to make sense to run into work rather than to cycle. Cycling would be more ‘entertaining’, sideways gusts and all that but running is perhaps safer. It’s more of a steeplechase than a run, as I had to hurdle many a fallen branch.

How hard should it be to email a knitting pattern? Ok... why do I want to email a knitting pattern you ask? Good question. Don’t worry about it. The fact is L emailed one to her work from our home account and it never arrived. So I emailed it to my work and again it never arrived. So in the end I picked it up at work via webmail, so that I could print it off. For some reason both our works’ email systems must have thought it was dodgy. I can’t see why though, it was just jpeg images. Must be some new fashion conscious email filter they’ve introduced.

L and Daughter keep complaining its cold and of course it isn’t. They’ll want the heating on next. True, the weather has perhaps got a bit chillier recently but it’s hardly wintry. Then today I get an email from Cairngorm Mountain saying they’re opening for skiing this weekend... as I was saying, the weather’s starting to get a bit colder now.

I run home from work, apart from the middle nine miles, where I hop on the bus. I’m only 10k training now, so no need to overdo it. Just as I’m nearing home the music in my ears is drowned out by two dogs going nuts. I seem to have inadvertently ran past the ‘boys’ and L without noticing them. I backtrack and make my apologies.

Tonight we head down to the Johnson Arms’ mini beer festival. It’s only a small affair but still worth a look. In fact, although they have a good long rotating beer list, the actual selection on at any one time is only six beers and they usually stock five. Thankfully some of them are good ones. In fact there were only a few on the rotating list we fancied but most of them seem to be on now. L cosies up to the Adnams’ Dutch Style Bokbier (5.3%) whilst I only have eyes for Milestone’s Old English Ale (4.9%). Well, I have a brief flirtation with the autumnal charm of Derventio’s Standard Bearer (4.5%) but I’m soon back in the arms of the Old English for the rest of the evening.

(Friday 12th November)

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