Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Bit Damp

Well that turned out to be a bit damp. The weather thought I was going to cycle this morning but I didn’t. Ha. So it rained on my run instead, constant drizzle all the time from when I left home to when I got to work. It would have been wetter on the bike though.

That mine of accurate information, The Sun, reckons that Nottingham is sixth in its list of town/cities worst hit by the recession because Nottingham has 1254 empty shops, that’s 23% of all its shops.

That's also far more in number than the other cities. Not that it has much to do with the recession, Nottingham has been building extra shops it doesn’t need for years, long before the downturn, long after demand had peaked and the same shops have just moved to better locations. I can’t think of many that have closed for recession reasons. Shops like the beloved Selectadisc can’t be classed as a recession casualty, it was the internet that certainly did for them.

1. Hull 601 empty shops, 27 per cent of total
2. Blackpool 600 empty shops, 26 per cent of total
3. Stockport 373 empty shops, 25 per cent of total
4. Hartlepool 327 empty shops, 24 per cent of total
5. Grimsby 547 empty shops, 24 per cent of total
6. Nottingham 1254 empty shops, 23 per cent of total
7. Sunderland 475 empty shops, 22 per cent of total
8. Wandsworth 112 empty shops, 22 per cent of total
9. Letchworth 203 empty shops, 21 per cent of total
10.Folkestone 265 empty shops, 20 per cent of total

It’s dry by the time I leave for home after work, although I’m getting the bus all the way but I still have to try to cobble together some dry clothes to wear.

Squash goes ok, although I miss loads of easy shots and don’t win a game... but it was still fun! Apparently my opponent has now got his 100th game of the year, so at least he’s happy.

I arrive home at about the same time as L who’s been making up for lost time in the gym as she’s been unable to get there all week. So I think we’ve both earned the excuse to warm up the liver for the weekend.

(Thursday 4th November)

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