Friday, November 5, 2010

The Pre-Race Food Of Champions

L’s volunteers to help out at work today. There’s more furniture to be rearranged or dumped and they are all meeting up at 9am. Ahemmmm. Now who’s nipping off from a lie-in on a Saturday morning...

So left on my own, I’m up earlier than usual and taking the lads on the park. ‘Lads’ isn’t very accurate I suppose, it makes them sound like youngsters and both are more like old women.

Then I bike back to the location of last night’s bonfire, to fetch the car back from where we left it. I take my ‘posh’ bike, partly because the battery on my bike computer on my usual bike is flat, only to find it is also flat on the other one.

I have almost the whole of Saturday free, a real luxury, though spent mostly trying to squeeze as much of the garden as possible into the garden waste bin. That’s my style of gardening. Then I get the bus over to Derby for the match. It’s a late kick off, 5.20pm as we’re on Sky tonight. We usually lose when we’re on Sky. Not tonight though and Derby move up to 4th with a 2-0 win over Portsmouth.

Then I meet up with L for a few beers and pies in the Silk Mill. Beer and pies eh? I know how to show a girl a good time. Romance is alive and well on our house. Then as we wait for the bus back we have chips and beans as well, the pre-race food of champions. We have a race tomorrow...

(Saturday 6th November)

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