Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Up (at 6am) For It

Thank you for this morning, I enjoyed it’ so says L later on email. For what you ask? You’d think I’d done some great favour or something romantic. Nope. She’s thanking me for waking her up at the crack of dawn, well as it was 6am so I think it was actually pre-dawn, and taking her out in the dark for a training run around Martins Pond with the boys...

It was actually quite pleasant. Doggo was up for it and MD was relatively well behaved, although noisy. Even L seemed up for it. A training run with MD was in order as we have the Furnace run coming up on Boxing Day and MD might be doing it with me. Generally he’s rubbish at running on the lead and therefore needs the practice. Considering doing the same tomorrow...

After which I’m nodding a bit on the bus on the way to work. Well at least I wasn’t driving it and a good reason not to take the car. Once at work I can have a bit of a kip.

Squash opponent emails to say ‘one down, one to go’. Car fixed and he's just nipping out in it to get some re-enforced squash racquets, the kind for people with short tempers. I have visions of attempting to retrieve a solid steel squash racquet from where he’d buried it in the wall. It would make another good photo I suppose. I consider wearing a helmet tonight.

L says it’s snowing in Nottingham, buckets of the stuff, massive flakes. Hmmm. Absolutely nothing here. Then finally, about two hours after it started in Nottingham a few flakes start to fall. Yay! but not much to get excited about, it's not settling.

Opponent arrives at squash with his new racquet, doesn’t like it and blames it for why he plays badly. A bad workman always blames his tools. I can see he’s itching to throw it across the court but at £50 even he can’t bring himself to do it. It’s a ‘Prince’ racquet, one of the big brands. I too have a ‘Prince’ racquet, perhaps that’s why I always play badly.

We draw 2-2. L’s in the gym and she joins us for a celebratory (in my case) beer.

(Thursday 16th December)

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