Sunday, December 19, 2010

It Wouldn’t Be The First Time

L has a day off today and the chance for a lie in, until that is MD decides it’s time for her to get up because he wants his breakfast.

It’s alright for her at home. It’s me who has the task of finding vacuum packed chestnuts in Sainsburys. Goodness knows what section they’ll put them in, if they have any. I certainly can’t find any but I do discover some tinned ones, so they’ll have to do. All that remains now is to escape from Sainsbury’s car park, no mean feat at this time of year.

L engages in a spot of ‘life laundry’, whatever that is. She's cancelling various schemes that she’s in that she not having time to do justice to. Like one of her two gyms and the audiobook club which is very good but has left us buried under a pile of digital media that we can’t listen to fast enough.

Then later she asks me if I’ll do her iPod laundry for her. Happy to.

Final class of the year for MD tonight. L warns me he may be useless as he’s been going mad with a ball in the garden all day. Doubt I’ll notice. It wouldn’t be the first time.

On the way home, I collect L and then we both get stuck on the A52. What’s new? About half an hour later we get released and pass what looked to be quite a bad accident. Well at least I was stuck with pleasant company. It might even have been romantic had it been snowing.

(Monday 20th December)

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