Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So Good To Be Doing Something

Ah, cycling, I remember that. So back at work today, back on the bike and a debut for the new snug cycling trousers that L got me for Christmas. How did she know that's what I wanted... must have been the email with the hyperlink in it. The snow, ice and the cold have gone and in their place... fog, drizzle and a generally dark, dank morning. Wonderful. It's so good to be doing something. Although I have a gear problem and lose half my gears.

It’s so foggy in fact that had L been awake and looked out of the window, she’d have probably tried anything to stop me cycling. Damn, should have woke her and opened the curtains.

There's five of us in work and I’m the only one not in jeans, due to the fact having cycled in I have to wear what have stashed at work, e.g. normal work clothes, either that or stay in my cycling gear.

At lunch I have to wander to Greggs as unsurprisingly no sandwich vans have turned up. There's no fresh milk for coffee either. Our milkman hasn’t turned up this year, he usually does. So we’re drinking five day old semi-skimmed and out of date skimmed. We're assuming skimmed doesn't actually go off as it's just coloured water isn't it?

I notice in the news that the manager sacking madness isn’t confined to the Premier League. Burnley, ok they were Premier League last year, dismiss Brian Laws after less than a year in charge.

It was an odd appointment in the first place with Laws having just been sacked by League One bound Sheffield Wednesday. Laws was never the right appointment for Burnley but getting rid of him now seems odd.

Burnley sit ninth in the table, having lost just 6 of 22 games this season and only two points off the play off spots. In other words well placed. When they were promoted two years ago they scraped into the play offs by two points. So they’re in a similar position now to do the same.

I have a look at my bike and discover a frayed gear cable which is why I can’t switch to my large chain ring and have therefore lost half my gears. I manage to make it to the pool though, which is quite busy. Probably busier than usual actually. Then afterwards I meet L for mocha.

In the evening it’s the local derby, Forest v Derby. Which should have been yesterday but was moved to tonight, just to be annoying and I think in some misguided attempt to curtail the pre-match drinking... on a day when most people are not at work...

Anyhow I declined to go because at £32 a seat it wasn’t worth it, not for another defeat. Which is probably worse than I expected, losing 5-2. Although Derby scoring two goals was quite a surprise.

(Wednesday 29th December)

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