Thursday, December 9, 2010

Braving The Conditions

Well I don’t get a third bump on my head as I brave the conditions and cycle into work. First I had to walk off our estate, the snow has now turned to thick ice and isn’t navigable but the main roads were fine, although salted unfortunately. An odd move by the council, as they claim to be short of the stuff and we’re in the middle of a massive thaw. I then managed to cycle right up to around 50 yards from work before I had to dismount and negotiate another temporary skating rink. Even then I could only go so far. There was no way I would have made it across our car park in my cycling shoes. In the end I chained my bike to the air conditioning unit on the front of the building.

I can also confirm that if they have used molasses coated road salt it hasn’t stuck to the road as was the intention. It had however stuck to me and my bike. It’s all up my cycling trousers. Bike wise, in theory I might be better off on my best bike. Carbon doesn't corrode, does it? But I’m not going try it to find out.

Sad news. The old dog who delivers the morning papers had died. That’s the actual dog who helps out his owner and I only saw him a few days ago on his rounds. He was 11. The poor thing had cancer on his leg.

The ice is visibly receding. By lunchtime I make it to Greggs and only have to go on the road once. By the evening, when I take the boys out for a walk, there are even fewer areas of ice around our estate, although it still meant a dismount when I cycled home.

(Friday 10th December)

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