Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eerily Quiet

It is announced that the Great Langdale 10k isn’t to be rescheduled. Which is a shame. With the cold weather due to return I just hope that this Sunday's Bolsover Castle race in on.

My father puts on his Christmas list Gordon Brown’s book. He does like his fairy stories does my Dad. Surprisingly nobody appears to be willing to buy it for him.

Oddly Sainsbury’s and all the retail park is eerily quiet this lunchtime. Either everyone’s finished their Christmas shopping, given up on it, or perhaps they’ve been forced to go back to work after running out of ‘snow days’. Either way, this week it takes me less than half an hour to get out of the car park. Result.

Squash could be in doubt tomorrow, my opponent has a bit of a problem; he doesn’t currently have a) an unbroken racquet or b) an unbroken car but still twenty-four hours to sort both.

Dog training is a bit of a waste. We have new beginners in our beginners’ class and that made for a slow class. Suppose that’s what it’s for but not an ideal time to join the group. From January though MD will be moving up a class. Infant school to Juniors if you like. So we’ll be above all that. Doggo doesn’t get to train so I take him for a sniff along the footpath instead. Ten minutes of that and he’s ‘as happy as Larry’.

(Wednesday 15th December)

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