Monday, December 20, 2010

Tap It And Unwrap It

I'm on the bus and then run the last four miles into work. I take the premiership footballer approach and go out in gloves, tights and snood. Well almost. It was actually quite pleasant, really pretty along by the river. Yep, I was even looking at the view but I did the whole thing without music because it was too cold to fiddle with my ipod.

Apparently a lunar eclipse is taking place this morning but I couldn’t even find the moon. Then I read in the Metro that you had to be in Northern Ireland to get the best view, which wasn’t very helpful.

L emails with the promise of a bedtime treat tonight, that pricked my ears up. She warns me not to get too excited.

I do two more runs on the way home. Around five miles to Borrowash then after jumping on the bus, another three to home. Totalling around eleven miles, which makes me feel slightly less unfit than I was feeling.

Then L goes out for her run whilst I make one of our annual festive treats, Port and Stilton Pate. Then after a hot bath to rest those eleven mile battered limbs, it’s time for the bedtime treat... Cool. Not had one of those for ages. ‘Tap it and unwrap it’ and no that’s not how I treat L.

(Tuesday 21st December)

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